About us

Who we are?

Non governmental organization Women’s Energy Club of Ukraine is a voluntary, self-dependent professional association of women working in an energy related spheres in Ukraine.

We have more than 200 members, among us are energy experts, representatives of ukrainian and international organizations working in Ukraine on energy sector reforms, Members of the Committee on Fuel and Energy Complex of the Parliament of Ukraine, energy business and NGOs.

Our vision:

Women working in energy related sector in Ukraine can achieve everything what is possible in their profession.

Our mission:

To provide women working in energy related sector with a communication and exchange platform for professional empowerment.

Our goal:

Bring together women-professionals working in the energy sector for a mutual beneficial cooperation to increase the percentage of women employed in the sector and to reduce a gender gap in energy sector in Ukraine.

Our instruments and tasks:

Our values:

Areas of work

Join us

The Women's Energy Club of Ukraine is the membership based NGO. In order to join the Club, please, fill out the form via the link.

Your application will be reviewed within 7 days and you will receive notification about the results of your application consideration. In case of joining the Club, you will be added to the mailing list and invited to the next meeting.


Valentyna Beliakova
Head of Women's Energy Club of Ukraine, Director of TIU-Canada in Ukraine
+38 (095) 283-42-95